Suspension Bridges

The Fly Bridge is a suspended modular bridge system that can span up to 150m. Composed of steel panels, these elements are connected together by pins. Its installation does not require any specific tools or heavy equipment and all the elements can be handled using a small device.


MFB, the suspended bridge new generation, is designed according to the Eurocodes.

The MFB meets the following specifications:

  • It’s based on modules of 3m
  • Vertical lines are spaced every 6m to maintain the side cable
  • Railings are all welded elements of 1,5m, to prevent against potential vandalism
  • The steel used in the manufacturing process comes from approved factories
  • Hot-dip galvanization in accordance with EN 1461
  • The MFB suspended bridge is shipped in standard containers


  • Longitudinal modularity: The MFB can span up to 150 meters
  • Transversal modularity: width of 1.4m or 2m available
  • Very quick and easy to install


  • Large span suspended bridges
  • Countryside use or high elevation areas
  • Improving access to difficult areas


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