Panel Bridge

The Panel Bridge is a modular bridge system that can span up to 61 meters. Composed of steel panels, these elements are connected together by pins. Its installation does not require any specific tools or heavy equipment and all these elements can be handled by a team of 6 operators.

MPB is a news generation of panel bridge designed according to the Euro-code and is a high quality modular bridge system which meets the following specification:

  • The Panel Bridge is composed of panels of 3.05m x 2.12m and cross beams
  • The bridge is available in width of 3.15m, but also in extra-wide lane (4.20 meters), double lane (7.35 meters) and optional sidewalks.
  • It is designed for 100,000 fatigue cycles.
  • The steel used in the manufacturing process comes from approved factories Hot-dip galvanization in accordance to the EN1461

The MPB is shipped in Standard containers.

Two methods of installation are possible with the Panel Bridge:

  • Craning: the use of crane on site, when available, allows a quick and easy assembly and installation
  • Launching: When the site does not allow crane access, the Panel Bridge, which can be carried by manpower, can be assembled manually and installed by launching using a pushing device with a limited capacity.

Advantages and applications

  • Longitudinal modularity: the Panel Bridge can span up to 61 metres
  • Transversal modularity: (single or double lane)
  • Very quick and easy to install, either by craning or launching
  • Easy to transport and to store
  • Permanent bridge
  • Temporary bridge
  • Military bridge
  • Emergency bridge


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