Composites / FRP / GRP

Beaver Bridges are able to supply FRP & GRP composite bridges, this form of construction gives advantages of weight, durability and minimal (no) maintenance

We can offer both load bearing GRP and more traditional pull-truded structures together with options for a GRP deck on both vehicle and pedestrian bridges offering a lightweight, easy to use finish to our more traditional structures.

FRP is manufactured from mostly recycled materials, offering greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness when compared to virgin materials.

It has an exceptional resistance to corrosion and UV radiation, making it a well-suited choice for outdoor applications and incredibly durable when compared to steel or timber.

WHen it comes to safety, FRP displays high anti-slip properties which makes it ideal for bridge decking, giving users the safety of a sure footing.

The inherent benefits of the material help to reduce lead times. FRP is very easy to fabricate and low in weight, which means a bridge structure can be transported to site as a complete unit or in modules, as a result, time in transit and overall logistical costs are reduced.

An added advantage is also apparent during installation where manufacture off-site, minimises required work on-site, which in turn reduces the impact on the surrounding area with the majority of bridges being installed in a single day

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